In 2010 we won a contract to deliver the East London Rape Crisis Service, whilst we

  • Helped 211 women at high risk of violence to stay safe and seek justice though our community based IDVA Service
  • Worked with 163 vulnerable young women who had been gang associated, perpetrating violence and experiencing sexual violence, helping them identify their strengths and build skills for the future, thereby reducing offending though our Safe Choices Project
  • Through our helpline engaged with 717 women, as a result of which 613 women who had experienced gender based violence made contact with other specialist services
  • Helped 172 mothers and 269 children who were affected by domestic violence and from black, minority ethnic and refugee backgrounds build positive relationships through leaning and play through our Family learning and Family Support projects.
  • Concluded a successful Play Therapy Service which helped 70 children/young people over its duration.
  • Supported 112 women and their children through the refuges and into safe independent accommodation.
  • Completed a 3 year sexual exploitation prevention project which throughout the life for the project had reached 1467 young people across London and trained 479 professionals on the subject.
  • Working with 165 young people, 108 professionals and 34 parents on issues relating to sexual violence and bullying.
  • Launched the Jacana Project, a new individual and group work support programme addressing parenting and violence in relationships in partnership with DVIP, so far 30 women have been attending the group work programme.
  • Through the IRIS project provided training, resources, advice and a direct referral pathway to over 100 practice staff and access to specialist support and services to over 150 domestic violence survivors in Hackney.
  • Through the IRIS project achieved a 3x greater recorded disclosure of domestic violence by women in intervention practices compared to control practices and a more than 20-fold greater referral of women to domestic violence services.
  • Continued to help women with substance misuse problems who have experienced gender based violence through the Emma Project which since its launch in in 2008 has supported 22 women, of which 21 accessed specialist drugs and alcohol support, 75% moved on into more independent accommodation and 8 women stopped involvement in prostitution.
  • Delivered 3 conferences on our work helping raise awareness of some of the issues above.