Our services are continually evolving in order to respond to the needs of groups that are most vulnerable or without access to services and currently include:

The Emma Project providing refuge and outreach services to women with substance misuse problems who have experienced gender based violence. Go to The Emma Project

IDVA Service providing an Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service supporting women who have been identified as "high risk" of domestic violence through risk assessment and referral from the Police or any other agency referring into the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).Go to IDVA page

Safe Choices offers a range of services which reduce and prevent young women's violent offending. Go to Safe Choices.

Sexual Violence Prevention is a schools and youth services based project which helps young women identify and avoid sexually exploitative bullying and behaviour.Go to Sexual Violence

Family Support providing practical support and advocacy for mothers/carers to best meet their children's needs. This includes child protection and child contact advocacy and support to minimise the impact of violence on children and parenting capacity. We also offer workshops for mums and children, and holiday play-schemes. Go to Family Support

The IRIS Project which improves the quality of care given by GP surgeries to women experiencing domestic violence through a national implementation programme and also local delivery in Hackney.Go to Iris page East London Rape Crisis Service offering advocacy, support and counselling after rape and sexual assault.Go to Rape page Play Therapy A therapeutic service for children and young people affected by domestic violence to help them understand and deal with confusing and/or powerful feelings and painful events.

Counselling and Advice through the Ascent Partnership ASCENT is a partnership within the London Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Consortium, delivering a range of services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, under six themes, funded by London Councils. ASCENT improves service provision for those affected by sexual and domestic violence in London through the provision of front-line services as well as support to voluntary and statutory organisations.