From women who have used nia's services

Hello Vaida,
I want to start by sending my heartfelt love. I hope everything is fine, I hope you are well. It is a fact that your place and significance in my life will never change. I believe that the paths are somewhat cutting with good, inspiring, trustable people, with people that change one's take on the life. You were like this for me. Perhaps the reasons were bad but the fact that my path cut your path at some point has changed my life. My self-confidence increased. My objectives crystallised and you rescued me from a life I didn't belong to. A life perhaps was about to be ruined. You held my hand, and I don't know how to express this, but really you were my lifebuoy. When I was overwhelmed and about to be drowned with problems one after another, you took me to the shore. I owe my present confidence to you and I owe my willpower towards my aspirations, to you. You gave my lost self-confidence back to me.
From my big heart full of love,

"Moving to the nia project, I consider it as a phase in my life giving me opportunity to look through myself. Have you felt hopeless? Have you felt destroyed within yourself? Have you thought that your journey of hope has stopped.

I have felt all of the above during my first night in my room, sweating and feeling anxious and wanting to run away. But all that was about to change the following morning, the next day and the next week and weeks to come. The services provided to us women are structured to meet our needs. All we have to do is embrace them and make the most of them. My key worker, whose name I prefer to keep anonymous has been an angel sent from up above who provided me with everything I needed most important of all was the moral support and self-esteem that I had lost. So you could be finding your strength here through the same kind of help I have received.

So, you could be me, rather than quietly sitting in your bedroom, come engage in the common room where you could share your sorrows and achievement and gain and give strength to each other.

Life is here is not bad!! But full of hope."

"Family? Forget it. Friends? They didn't understand. I needed someone to get it, to get my situation- to understand it; to understand me. You were able to help. Made me not feel stupid, that I wasn't stupid for asking questions, made me feel alright- listened to. I finally felt like I had a voice."

I opened a new page in my life with the help of nia workers. I am still in touch with them and every issue I have they are the people I ask for help. I think staying at the nia project made me happy, raised my self confidence because of their sincerity, putting their heart to this job and all work with love. Thank you.

From partner agencies, professionals and stakeholders

My current role is with Hackney Police Community Safety Unit and I have regular contact with the nia project.

The contact from the IDVAs has proved invaluable. I have witnessed a number of cases where the victim has been reluctant to speak with the police. However through the good work of the IDVA, an effective line of communication has been established. This has been either with the IDVA providing details to the police on behalf of the victim or the IDVA clearly explaining what the police will do to help.

In one case the police had made mistakes. It was only through the good work of one IDVA that the case was saved and the victim remains in contact with the police. I am constantly impressed by the lengths that they go to assist victims of domestic violence.

The Metropolitan police are measured by performance figures. At present Hackney borough are showing an 11% reduction in domestic violence offences compared to last year. This is the third best reduction in the Metropolitan police area.

I am in no doubt that the reduction is due mainly to the hard work, persistence and diligence of the IDVAs. I am confident that it is the NIA project's problem solving approach to domestic violence that is helping victims change their lives.

Letter from Housing for Women

"I'm now convinced that violence against women and children is a major public health problem with long term consequences for women and their families.  As an experienced GP, the whole project has been nothing short of transformational." 

Since the training we have been able to pick up more cases and have been able to help women who had previously been unable to talk about the abuse.  We are also more able to assess risk for the women and their children".