Continuing our fight to defend single-sex services

  We are delighted that on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Polity will be publishing Defending Women’s Spaces, written by our CEO, Karen Ingala Smith. And, we’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) in a campaign to ensure that MPs and elected representatives receive […]

We Can’t Consent To This

Abstract image © We Can't Consent To This

We can’t consent to this: is a campaign which was set up after it was noticed that increasing numbers of perpetrators of violence against women were attempting, and sometimes succeeding in,  raising and relying on a defence of “rough sex gone wrong”. This website provides information on some of these cases and calls for support […]

Woman’s Place UK

Woman's Place UK banner tied to a tree in protest ©WPUK

Woman’s Place UK: is a campaign to protect, defend and grow women-only spaces.  This is in direct response to what women themselves say they want and need at a time when such spaces are disappearing.

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