The Femicide Census

The Femicide Census

The femicide census is a unique source of information about women who have been killed by men in the UK and the men who have killed them.

Men’s violence against women is a leading cause of the premature death for women globally but research in the UK and Europe is limited and unconnected.  The Femicide Census significantly improves upon currently available data by providing detailed comparable data about femicides in the UK since 2009, including demographic and social factors and the methods men selected to kill women.  By collating femicides, we can see that these killings are not isolated incidents, and many follow repeated patterns.

The Femicide Census was founded by Karen Ingala Smith, the Chief Executive of nia and Clarissa O’Callaghan with support from Freshfields, Deloitte and Women’s Aid (England). It was inspired by information collected by Karen and recorded in her blog Counting Dead Women. Since then, The Femicide Census has become established as a leading articulation of men’s fatal violence against women in the UK.

You can read the latest Femicide report, watch powerful video testimonies and access past reports by visiting

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