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Onjali Rauf - nia Patron

Onjali Rauf


“Since the murder of my beloved aunt, Mumtahina ‘Ruma’ Jannat in July 2011, there has been only one organisation besides my own, which has striven to make sure that her name, her case, and her reality, were never forgotten. nia who work to highlight and rectify the wrongdoings daily committed against women including by the very agencies supposedly designed to protect them, have been a beacon of hope for me ever since that fateful year, and I am so deeply proud that I can now work more closely with them to ensure women surviving the unthinkable are aided in every way possible, whilst those that have not survived their ordeals at the hands of violent men and deeply flawed institutions, are not wilfully or carelessly forgotten.

It is earth-shattering  to acknowledge that even though we now stand in the 2020’s, women are still fighting for their basic rights as human beings. The often side-lined epidemic that is violence against women, means that every woman’s right to live on this earth without being abused, violated, raped or silenced; to have free, safe and easy access to services built to meet their specific needs, and to even be recognised as ‘woman’, is still not a reality. At this moment in our history, it has never been more important for people and agencies to work together, rather than as separate entities, to save women’s lives. The divisions that currently exist between our agencies and the deep misogyny embedded within them costs women their lives every single day. A fact that I hope my work with nia will help lessen in the coming decades and with the help of coming generations.”

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Rape Crisis national service standards - Rape Crisis professionally approved
Advice Quality Standard
Safe Lives Leading Lights 2019 accreditation
Women's Aid national standard of quality 2018
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