News and Events

News and Events

News and Events

You can often find information about events, conferences and developments on women’s rights on this website:

There are two key times in the year in which there are often lots of activities focussing on women’s rights:

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women only marches

Protestors on the Million Women Rise March, 2019

Million Women Rise

Million Women Rise works in solidarity with international women’s movements on a variety of campaigns and projects.  They work to build and create links with and between

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Reclaim the Night March London ©The Stylist

Reclaim The Night

Reclaim the Night: 25 November is the United Nations (UN) day to end violence against women and girls and you will often find that on

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Delegates from the 2019 FiLiA Conference ©FiLiA

FiLiA Conference

‘FiLiA‘ means daughter; FiLiA are the daughters of the women who came before us and fight so that our daughters may be free. The focus

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