Black History Month – Seminars

Black History Month – Seminars

Seminars: We will hold a series of lunch time talks for our staff with women speakers of Black heritage addressing us on a range of topics falling within the broad theme this year of family with all the various challenges and dimensions that this can present for Black women.

Our first speaker was: Joan Saunders-Reece

Joan Saunders-Reece is a 1st generation black British who went to live in Jamaica just before her  tenth birthday. On her return to London 11 years later she drifted from one security job to another before joining London Underground where she is currently an Emergency Planning Manager. Joan was the first female train driver on the Victoria line, and through sheer hard work she was able to move into other interesting and challenging roles such as  Train Maintenance Instructor, line troubleshooter, and Emergency Response Manager. These were jobs that women were traditionally not encouraged to apply for. Joan has completed her BSc and MSc and is currently in her first year of a PHD program. She has also just completed a 3 year tenure as the chair of the University of East London’s Alumni Advisory Board.

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In black and white … Audre Lorde lectures at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 1983. Photograph: Robert Alexander/Getty Images

nia is celebrating Black History Month

Black History month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987, Black History Month is an annual celebration that acknowledges the contributions, achievements, and history

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