Specialist Refuges

Specialist Refuges

nia offers refuge to women who often cannot access or have been excluded from other refuge provision.

We specialise in providing refuge for women with problematic substance use, whether drugs, alcohol or a mixture of both, and women who are involved in prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation.

The women who enter our refuges usually have multiple experiences of abuse and disadvantage, including childhood abuse, domestic and sexual violence, exploitation through prostitution including coercion and control by a partner, including boyfriend-turned-pimps, drug dealers, pimps, punters and traffickers. They may have physical and mental health problems, criminal records and experience of street homelessness, any combination of which can lead to learned survival and coping strategies that can be a barrier to accessing and benefiting from services.

Our aim is to provide a safe place that accepts women as they are whilst supporting them to identify goals and find ways of moving forward and away from the harms they live with.

our refuges

Emma Project

The Emma Project is a pioneering refuge and outreach service for women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence including women who have been exploited through prostitution and who also use substances problematically.

We offer a high and specialist level of staffing which means that we are able to work with women who still use drugs and/or alcohol problematically; this is essential because leaving a violent relationship is a time of crisis and for many women this is not the best time to address substance use issues effectively.  We also help agencies supporting women with problematic substance use to better meet their needs and provide training on violence against women and problematic substance use.

Daria House

Daria House is a refuge for women who have been sexually exploited, with a particular focus on supporting women who been exploited through their involvement in prostitution.

Exiting prostitution is complex and the barriers are many. Safe accommodation is an important foundation to give women the safe space to address the issues that they are facing.

We offer non-judgemental support, information and advocacy.  We help women to access housing and welfare benefits, legal advice, healthcare, drug and alcohol services and other specialist services for women in prostitution.

Useful resources

Our refuges are accredited and hold Women’s Aid National Quality Standards.

The Emma Project and Daria House are funded by London Councils and are run as part of the Ascent partnership.

related services

Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy (IDVA)

Services for women at high risk of serious harm, including homicide, through domestic violence.

Identification and Referral to Increase safety (IRIS)

A GP training programme aiming to improve the health care response to domestic violence and abuse.

other support

Based in North East London, nia work with women and girls who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. If you are not eligible for our services, there are other organisations who can help you.

I have had help with my drug addiction by telling the truth to my key worker at the refuge, she helped me to go to the right people and get the help and guidance I’ve longed for. I feel much better about life and my future now that I’m not lying to anyone or myself and most of all my children.”

Our quality marks

Rape Crisis national service standards - Rape Crisis professionally approved
Advice Quality Standard
Safe Lives Leading Lights 2019 accreditation
Women's Aid national standard of quality 2018
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