Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

nia is a feminist organisation that delivers a range of services to women, girls and children who have been subjected to sexual and domestic violence and abuse, including prostitution. Consequently, the organisation does not employ men. The nia project has exemption under the Sex Discrimination Act 1976 (Section (2) please refer to 1.3, Genuine Occupational Qualifications).

nia is striving to be an equal opportunity employer. There will be no racism or anti-lesbianism or discrimination in respect of ethnicity, racial heritage, colour, nationality, culture, religion, age, sex, class, marital status, sexuality, disability or criminal record. This list is not exhaustive. There will be no discrimination on these grounds in the terms and conditions offered to employees or job applicants.

We all feel strongly about working for an organisation that has feminist values and principles, we challenge social and political issues together. nia’s ethos unites all the staff.”

Our quality marks

Rape Crisis national service standards - Rape Crisis professionally approved
Advice Quality Standard
Safe Lives Leading Lights 2019 accreditation
Women's Aid national standard of quality 2018
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