The difference made by having an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) by my side

The difference made by having an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) by my side


“Since August 20 Derya has working with me. She helped me to move out of my home to a refuge to be safe but things didn’t work out there and I had to return home where my abuser stayed. Derya helped me to get non-molestation order and Occupation Order but court was taking so long because we were in lockdown. She was there to help me to report the incidents to the police and talked to them on behalf of me to fight my case because police weren’t listening me and they kept sending him back to home to abuse me more.

Derya has stuck with me from the beginning and never gave up on me. If it wasn’t for her and the service I wouldn’t have got the result and been where I am now because she carried on working with me  and wouldn’t move me on to other agencies. Otherwise I would have given up and she didn’t let me because she pushed me for the reporting, complaints as I lost my faith in the system because he was released back to the property on so many times by the police despite of my plea with them. Police insisted that he didn’t breach the order. They ignored me; dismissed my wishes on the ground of his human rights and treated me like perpetrator and told me to leave the property instead of him. I was forced to live in the same place as him fearing my safety and he breached the non-molestation order on so many occasions because he knew he would get away with this.

More people like her should work with victims like us because she is passionate about her job and she wants result. we also need longer support like this until the case is complete. If she left me half way through I wouldn’t be here, I would have been lost and suicidal. I am so happy and I didn’t feel like this for a long time. Now I can say I am happy and can move on with life and open new chapters because he is finally moved out my home in April and I can start again.”

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